Gatesway Foundation supports some of the most incredible people this world has to offer. This foundation serves its uniquely-abled clients with compassion to provide them with a fulfilling life, along with essential tools and resources they need to succeed. Did you know that these wonderful people are some of the most vulnerable populations in America today? They need a voice. They need your support.

Sponsor-a-Client is a campaign that Gatesway Foundation started to raise awareness and funding within the community for these exceptional people. Gatesway’s clients often possess an IQ of below 70 and are below the poverty line. The Gatesway Foundation would like to subsidize the limited government support for these clients in order to offer them the best care available. Our goal is to have 169 clients each individually sponsored at $1,000 each year (only $83 per month). These sponsorship funds will help cover basic necessities and living sustenance such as food, healthcare, rent, toiletries, activities, transportation, entertainment, and other items that are currently underfunded.

Donate today to not only make a difference but to change a life and uplift human potential. Your donation will go directly into a restricted account where 100% of the funds will be spent on client necessities. For more information about the Sponsor-a-Client project, please contact the Gatesway Foundation at (918) 258-3900.

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