What We Offer

Gatesway offers vocational options and residential services to assist friends and their families in a variety of ways.


Residential Services

In addition to finding employment through our organization, we offer various options for residential living, including 24-hour care in our group homes, independent homes, or our ICF facilities.

Gatesway operates group homes and provides 24-hour assistance with basic requirements to individuals living in independent homes and apartments in the community. Other services include assisting friends in selecting staff to work with them, assisting individuals with programs designed to maximize their independence, aiding friends in finding appropriate housing within the community, organizing social activities, and arranging and providing transportation to work, recreational activities, and appointments for individuals.

Community Homes

Residential Services provide 24-hour supervised living arrangements for people with intellectual disabilities. The community home provides support and services to enable our friends to live, work, and participate in recreation in a community setting and develop skills in the areas of self-care, communication, money management, home making, and socialization.

gatesway cottage

Group Homes

Group Homes Services offer living arrangements for our friends where friends share a single-family home within the community and receive up to 24 hours per day of support and training in daily living skills. Group home residents are 18 years of age or older.

One of the Men's Cottages

ICF Facilities

Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) Services include care, skills training, and supervision provided to individuals in their home. Our trained staff help with acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to activities of daily living, such as personal grooming and cleanliness, bed making, household chores, eating and the preparation of food, and skills necessary to enable the individual to be more independent.

Gatesway's largest and oldest building


Employment Services

From working in our campus workshop to attending jobs in the community, there are different employment options to explore with our certified Job Coaches and Employment Consultants.

Gatesway offers a variety of vocational options from Fortune 500 Companies to small businesses, industries include food services, hospitality, janitorial, manufacturing, medical, and many more.  This program is for friends whose immediate goal is to work independently in the community. Funded by the Department of Rehabilitation, it allows individuals to be gainfully employed while building skills and confidence. Care is taken to secure employment that benefits both employer and the friend served. Job coaching is initially in place to assist in finding employment and training, then gradually fades. The length of on-site assistance varies depending on the needs of the individual and those of the employer.

Through Federal and State funding, Gatesway provides crews of three to five workers and an on-site Job Coach for areas such as housekeeping, janitorial services, lawn services, delivery, and paper-shredding (DocLock). Gatesway carries Worker’s Compensation Insurance on each employee in addition to handling timesheets and payroll. Each Gatesway crew is hired, trained, and under the constant supervision of our staff providing an efficient labor force at little more than the cost of one typical employee.

How Can You Help?

Gatesway Foundation is here to support uniquely-abled individuals, as well as serve the community.  Donations, fundraisers, and community projects are essential for the individuals we serve, the campus we maintain, and the community. As a state-funded, non-profit organization, these campaigns are necessary to continue the work Helen Gates envisioned and brought to life over 50 years ago.