Job Summary:

Responsible for advocating for individuals to assure their needs are being met and they are receiving supports and services to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives as defined within their Individual Plan. Support, encourage, and enhance individual’s self-respect, personal dignity, and safety.  Provide on-going training to individuals.


  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Oklahoma CNA and/or DDCA certification
  • Minimum of High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  • Must possess a valid Oklahoma Driver’s License and have a good driving record
  • Must maintain personal vehicle insurance and have reliable transportation
  • Ability to support and interact with individuals in a humanistic and professional manner
  • Ability to observe changes in individuals conditions
  • Ability to accept responsibility and act independently, realizing that errors may have serious consequences.  Ability to organize effectively
  • Clear criminal record (no felony, violent misdemeanor, or active warrant of any kind)

Major Responsibilities

  • Become knowledgeable in Individual Plan goals and objectives and provide related training and interaction to support continuous active treatment and achievement of outcomes.
  • Provide support to individuals with daily problem solving that allows them to manage inappropriate behavior, keeping within behavior support plans, related policies and training/certification(s).
  • Provide individuals with adequate information for making choices for their leisure activities.  I.E. newspaper, exposure to new activities, etc.
  • Provide training to individuals to advocate for their own privacy and dignity and to respect the privacy and dignity of others, including but not limited to closing doors, and closing blinds while dressing, changing, bathing, etc.  Staff should always respect the privacy and dignity of individuals while assisting with personal hygiene.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining an in-depth knowledge of effective approaches used in motivating individuals to attend, and participate in programming.
  • Provide training and assistance to individuals during meal times, assist in enhancing socialization skills and appropriate table manners, which supports community acceptance.
  • Provide supervision in the dining room during meals and assist individuals to ensure their needs are met, (i.e., cut up food, coat & hats off, using napkins, encouraging fluids, assist in getting trays, feeding individuals, etc.)
  • May request a team meeting for any individual if they feel there are issues that need to be brought to the team’s attention, if an individual’s goals or programming require review or if programming is not related to specific needs and/or desires of the individual.
  • May request individual specific training to assure that program implementation meets the needs of the individual.
  • May assist an individual in filing a complaint, following established procedures, being sure that the issue is truly their concern and not influenced by others opinions.
  • Provide training and support to individuals in exercising their rights and provide them with information and encouragement to attend/join organizations that advocate for their rights.
  • Provide individuals with opportunities to participate and interact with other members of the community by encouraging and supporting them in meeting their neighbors, joining social clubs, church groups, being a volunteer, attending employment social activities, etc.
  • Support individuals in making decisions that are important to them, (i.e., where and with whom they live, where they work, use of free time, choosing services and daily routine, etc.), by teaching decision making skills that assist them to think through choices, providing them with alternatives, including alternatives outside the range of those available, balancing choices with reality and responsibility.
  • Support individuals by assisting them in obtaining transportation or providing transportation to ensure community access.
  • Responsible for insuring the individuals are offered accepted patterns and conditions of everyday life available to people without developmental disabilities and assisting them in developing skills necessary to live in the community.
  • Provide training and assistance to individuals in managing their personal funds following established policies and procedures and as outlined in the Individual Plan.
  • Provide training and/or assist individuals, as necessary, with personal grooming and hygiene assuring that quality care is provided to all individuals at all times.
  • Provide training and/or assist individuals, as necessary, in assuring rooms are maintained in a neat and orderly fashion providing necessary training to increase independent living skills.
  • Provide training and/or assist individuals, as necessary, with care of clothing, i.e., use of washer, dryer, iron, putting soiled clothing in proper place, placing cleaned clothing properly.
  • Provide training in food preparation assuring that food is prepared by the individuals with staff instruction and assistance as necessary.  Ensure that all meals follow the specific menu of the client.  Prepare food using Oklahoma food safety rules and regulations.
  • Responsible for working harmoniously with other staff to ensure that all individual needs are being met on an on-going basis and that quality of care is being maintained.
  • Responsible for accurate completion of requested assessments as assistance to effective individual planning and development of goals and objectives.
  • Responsible for documenting on individuals goals and objectives as outlined within the Individual Plan and other documentation as determined by the individual’s team.
  • Responsible for completion and additions to inventories of individual’s personal belongings/possessions assuring their accuracy
  • Provide training to the individuals of the responsibility for answering the telephone with courtesy, relaying messages properly and placing phone calls.
  • Responsible for attendance and participation in IDT meetings as assigned.
  • In case of accident or injury to an individual, assure that the nurse is promptly notified and provide assistance if requested.
  • When assigned, assist with the completion/accuracy of individual menus with extensions prior to forwarding to food service supervisor for necessary approval.
  • When assigned assist with the completion of food inventory assuring that adequate groceries are available to meet approved weekly menus.  Assist QIDDP with ordering supplies and food.
  • Report any suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation of individuals served in accordance to agency policies.
  • Responsible for strict adherence to posted work schedules reporting to work at least 5 minutes prior to start of shift and strict adherence to posted assignment sheets.
  • Responsible for providing reasonable notice if regular scheduled work is to be missed as defined in Gatesway Employment Policy. During shift, will be responsible in assuring ALL individuals’ needs are met.
  • Responsible for providing adequate services for any client in any cottage, as movement between cottages for work assignment or shift coverage may be required.
  • Responsible for accurately maintaining personal time sheet, assuring that they meet established guidelines, and is turned into supervisor as scheduled.
  • Responsible for attendance at, and completion of, all required training including scheduled in-service training and initial required training within established time frames.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining a working knowledge of Gatesways Policies and Procedures, Title XIX Regulations.
  • Responsible for maintaining confidentiality of individual’s records and all other information regarding the individuals and his/her family. Assure that requests for information concerning an individual’s condition is directed to the individual program coordinator.
  • Record/report any maintenance items that need to be done to supervisor.
  • Responsible for completion of related job duties as requested by supervisor.
  • Accompany individuals as assigned on outings, personal shopping, banking, medical appointments, etc.
  • Responsible for completing necessary cleaning assignments and other duties as directed by supervisor, i.e., cleaning cupboards, appliances, refrigerator, bathrooms, etc.
  • Responsible for checking all doors, making sure they are secured.
  • Responsible for making periodic bed checks at least every two hours or as directed by supervisor.
  • Responsible for completing cleaning assignment and other duties as directed by supervisor, i.e., cleaning wheelchairs, residential laundry, etc.
  • Observe and report symptoms of illness and conditions of individuals served to supervisor or Director of Nursing.

Minimum Physical Requirements

  • Lifting and moving (e.g. adult service recipients from wheelchair to bed)
  • Lift a minimum of 50 pounds
  • Pulling (e.g. van doors, people using wheelchairs into elevators
  • Pushing (e.g. people using wheelchairs)
  • Flexing (e.g., reaching)
  • Bending and Crouching