Employment Services

Gatesway offers a variety of vocational options from Fortune 500 Companies to small businesses, industries include food services, hospitality, janitorial, manufacturing, medical, and many more.  This program is for clients whose immediate goal is to work independently in the community. Funded by the Department of Rehabilitation, it allows individuals to be gainfully employed while building skills and confidence. Care is taken to secure employment that benefits both employer and the client served. Job coaching is initially in place to assist in finding employment and training, then gradually fades. The length of on-site assistance varies depending on the needs of the individual and those of the employer.

Through Federal and State funding, Gatesway provides crews of three to five workers and an on-site Job Coach for areas such as housekeeping, janitorial services, lawn services, delivery, and paper-shredding (DocLock). Gatesway carries Worker’s Compensation Insurance on each employee in addition to handling timesheets and payroll. Each Gatesway crew is hired, trained, and under the constant supervision of our staff providing an efficient labor force at little more than the cost of one typical employee.