Sponsor An Upgrade

While some donors are content not knowing how their charitable donation will be used within an organization, Gatesway Foundation believes it is important for our community to know what ways their donations will impact the lives of the friends we serve. Like other facilities nationwide, our campus and homes rely on the help of limited government assistance and generous donations from community members to ensure buildings, infrastructure and other necessities remain functional and safe. Now, we are happy to offer new opportunities for upgrade sponsorships.

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Repair Projects

Like any other home, our residential services locations will require maintenance and repairs regularly. This includes fixing gutters to improve rain runoff, replacing fencing and much more. Any individual or organization that would like to help us complete these repair projects should consider sponsoring an upgrade.

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Landscaping Projects

Both the Gatesway Cottages and Gatesway Homes have unique landscaping requirements. From simple tasks from mowing and edging to planting new flowers and other visually appealing upgrades, we hope the community and generous donors can help us maintain a beautiful environment for our friends to grow in.

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Beautification Projects

Beautification projects are required around Gatesway Foundations facilities regularly, including the need for internal and external painting, the replacement of curtains and other minor beautification projects. No donation is too small to help us achieve this goal. If you would like to help, consider sponsoring and upgrade.

Volunteers building a gazebo

Expansion Projects

Gatesway Foundation is committed to serving as many intellectually disabled individuals in the community as possible; however, this may require us to expand our main campus or find new Gatesway Homes to serve residents better and meet space demands. This is possible with the help of our sponsor an upgrade program.

How Can You Help?

Gatesway Foundation is here to support uniquely-abled individuals, as well as serve the community.  Donations, fundraisers, and community projects are essential for the individuals we serve, the campus we maintain, and the community. As a state-funded, non-profit organization, these campaigns are necessary to continue the work Helen Gates envisioned and brought to life over 50 years ago.

How Will Your Sponsorship Donations Be Used?

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Sponsor an upgrade projects are scheduled on a phased basis – often accounting for the most critical upgrades needed first. If you are interested in learning more about the specific tasks we have planned for our main campus and other Gatesway Homes, we would love to hear from you. All sponsorship donations will be used solely for upgrades that benefit our friends and further improve the environment in which they live and grow.

Gatesway Foundation is a non-profit Oklahoma agency that encourages independence and provides opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to live and work in the community and improve their quality of life. We hope you will join us in our mission to provide friends with the support they need. For more information about the sponsor an upgrade project, please contact the Gatesway Foundation at (918) 258-3900.