Sponsor An Event

Gatesway Foundation was founded to support uniquely-abled individuals while also serving the community. In addition to donations, fundraisers, and community projects critical to our friends, various campaigns and events also occur throughout the year. These events are vital to our ability to fulfill basic needs, such as food and clothing for the individuals we are fortunate to serve. In addition to this, we also rely on the community to help with the funding needed to provide the upkeep of their residences and provide basic toiletries and other crucial items.

Our Sponsor an Event projects are an excellent way for the community’s business owners and generous benefactors to help further the mission of Gatesway Foundation while supporting our friends in obtaining the services and help they desperately need. From vocational options to residential services, we are committed to providing our friends with the best care available. Without help to subsidize our limited government support, none of this would be possible.

How Can You Help?

Gatesway Foundation is here to support uniquely-abled individuals, as well as serve the community.  Donations, fundraisers, and community projects are essential for the individuals we serve, the campus we maintain, and the community. As a state-funded, non-profit organization, these campaigns are necessary to continue the work Helen Gates envisioned and brought to life over 50 years ago.

How Will Your Sponsorship Donations Be Used?

Gatesway in Tulsa Christmas Parade

All sponsorship donations under this project designation will be used to host events for the community, our friends, their families and staff members. Any leftover money will be diverted into other projects that directly benefit our friends by giving them access to basic necessities or might help improve their residential locations to improve their quality of life. When you donate today, you will not only make a difference but will be able to change a life and uplift human potential.

Gatesway Foundation is a non-profit Oklahoma agency that encourages independence and provides opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to live and work in the community and improve their quality of life. We hope you will join us in our mission to provide friends with the support they need. For more information about sponsoring an event project, please contact the Gatesway Foundation at (918) 258-3900.