Sponsor A Friend

Gatesway Foundation supports some of the most incredible people this world has to offer. This foundation serves its uniquely-abled friends with compassion to provide them with a fulfilling life, along with the essential tools and resources they need to succeed. Did you know that these wonderful people are some of the most vulnerable populations in America today? They need a voice. They need your support. When you partner with Gatesway Foundation to help make a difference in a friend's life, you are giving them the support they need to thrive.

"Sponsor a Friend" is a campaign that Gatesway Foundation started to raise awareness and funding within the community for these exceptional people. The Gatesway Foundation would like to subsidize the limited government support for these friends to offer them the best care available. Our goal is to have 169 friends – each individually sponsored at $1,000 each year. This equates to just $83 per month to make a change in one of Gatesway Foundation's friend's life.

Meet Our Friends

How Can You Help?

Gatesway Foundation is here to support uniquely-abled individuals, as well as serve the community.  Donations, fundraisers, and community projects are essential for the individuals we serve, the campus we maintain, and the community. As a state-funded, non-profit organization, these campaigns are necessary to continue the work Helen Gates envisioned and brought to life over 50 years ago.

How Will Your Sponsorship Donations Be Used?

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Our Sponsor a Friend program is funded through a GoFundMe campaign. Your donation will go directly into a restricted account where 100% of the funds will be spent on our friends' necessities, including toiletries, activities, transportation, entertainment, and other currently underfunded items within the organization. In addition to this, sponsorship funds will also cover other basic necessities, including food, healthcare services, rent and much more. When you donate today, you will not only make a difference but will be able to change a life and uplift human potential.

Gatesway Foundation is a non-profit Oklahoma agency that encourages independence and provides opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to live and work in the community and improve their quality of life. We hope you will join us in our mission to provide our friends with the support they need. For more information about the sponsor-a-friend project, please contact the Gatesway Foundation at (918) 258-3900.