About Gatesway

Into The Future

Today, Gatesway is one of the largest providers of residential services supporting adults with intellectual disabilities in Oklahoma. Our mission is to encourage independence and provide opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities that will enable them to live and work in the community while also improving their quality of life. As the oldest and largest non-profit provider of these services in the Tulsa metropolitan area, we understand how critical our mission is.

Gatesway's vision for the future includes expanding services for community integration and the Tulsa metropolitan area as a whole. Our foundation hopes to focus on service delivery to both intermediate care and community residential friends while also maintaining group home services through leased and owned real estate. In addition to this, Gatesway also seeks to build new partnerships with local employers to continue employment services for our adult friends.

One of the ways in which our foundation plans to achieve these goals is by expanding our campus facilities to include single-family residences while also constructing an activity center for private and public utilization. These facilities will help Gatesway expand the number of friends that we can assist, but they will also further improve connectivity between the surrounding community, donors, and the families that we help daily. Gatesway Foundation hopes to be a beacon of hope for the individual in our community that need assistance the most.

Staff helping client play bean bag toss

The Future of Gatesway Foundation Includes You

Volunteers, monetary donations, and community involvement are essential to the friends that Gatesway Foundation serves. Our foundation is constantly seeking volunteers to help with weekly and seasonal events, as well as generous donors that are interested in helping us continue our cause by providing housing and vocational options for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Gatesway Foundation has various campaigns throughout the year that help supply food, clothing, and other basic needs for the individuals we serve. As a state-funded, non-profit organization, these campaigns are essential to continuing Helen Gates's work. We hope to continue the services and support that she envisioned and brought to life over 50 years ago with the community's help. For more information, please inquire about our volunteer options or donate today to get started!